Quality Policy

Customer needs

The end goal of all companies is to meet the needs of potential, current and future customers. A quality policy statement focused on customer needs is most often 'marketing' focused, and draws attention to the fact that the company is laser focused on the customer, and on delivering exactly what the customer wants.

Customer preference

Flexibility and customisation have become more desirable to customers who seek products which align exactly with their personal preferences and desires. Many companies issue quality statements based around being able to cater to and offer exactly what a customer 'prefers'.

Service and experience

For most service-based business (which there are a lot of), the most important quality aspect is that the service and experience meets expectations. The level of service and experience 'quality' expected obviously depends on the price of the service amongst other things, but the minimum level of quality for most customers is that they are listened to and treated respectfully in a clean environment.


testing is a huge part of quality. No company or process can be completely bulletproof, but the right testing framework and policies can prevent defective products and issue getting to the customer. Companies often have detailed plans and documents around their testing procedures, but a quality policy statement can also include sections about this given it's importance to overall quality.

Health and safety

Health and safety matters in all industries, but some companies operate in industries where a significant part of their operational focus in terms of 'quality' is around health and safety and delivering a safe product - which is often the minimum requirements for any 'product'.


One of the most important parts of 'quality' for any company is that people and companies buying the product need to be able to trust its quality. Many companies include partial statements about product and service accuracy so that people 'know' they can trust what is being said.


For some companies operating in highly regulated spaces like food and drugs, the proxy for quality in their industries and amongst the public is that they achieve compliance.


Many products and services aren't perfect, but a commitment to continuous improvement is always a welcome addition to any quality policy statement.


Privacy has always been important, but it has become a much deeper focus of quality for many modern technology and data driven companies. One of the most powerful quality assurances companies like Google and Facebook can include in their quality statements is around protecting and enforcing privacy at all costs, as data is their 'product'.

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